Why Rex Energy?

World Class Assets * World Class Employees


About Us

Rex Energy began with a small group of investors and has grown into a publicly traded organization with world class assets in the Appalachian and Illinois Basins. Now more than 215 employees strong, we are proud to be the only Pennsylvania-headquartered oil & gas exploration & production company that is actively drilling Marcellus and Utica Shale wells in Pennsylvania. We are equally proud of our assets in Southern Illinois and Indiana, where we are actively pursuing advanced technology to extend oil production in the region.



Our People

Rex Energy employees represent a diverse cross-section of the population. You will find technical experts, recent college graduates, mid-career professionals and interns working side-by-side, immersed in the latest technology. Outside of work, our employees are community volunteers, parents/grandparents, farmers, exercise enthusiasts, guitar players, hunters, sports fanatics and more. We come from large cities and small towns; we are high school graduates and PhDs. It's this diversity in backgrounds and interests that creates a balanced team working together for a common interest – the growth and success of Rex Energy.



Our Culture

Things can change daily in the oil and gas industry, so as an organization, we need to be nimble. We expect the same of our employees, so we don't get tied up in bureaucracy, rather we empower our employees to make decisions and act quickly. This serves as a competitive advantage to Rex in all that we do – from field operations to leasing strategies to hiring talent.


No matter which Rex location you work, you will find your days to be challenging and engaging. We recognize and reward employees who demonstrate initiative and commitment beyond the expected. We require employees to be flexible to manage changing demands and priorities. We want employees to care about their work and their co-workers and exhibit personal excellence in all they do.


Hard work is required, no matter what your role at Rex Energy. In return, we also like to have fun. Whether it's an organized company function or an impromptu gathering of co-workers, we encourage opportunities to socialize with co-workers and foster further teambuilding. While each of our offices has special activities tailored to the workforce in that location, some favorites include Fried-Catfish Lunches, Penn State Tailgates, Summer Picnics, Golf Outings and Holiday Luncheons.



Your Career

Whether you are just starting your career or find yourself as a professional looking for a new opportunity, consider Rex Energy as a place to further your personal career objectives. We are looking for hard working individuals who are committed, loyal, smart, and entrepreneurial. We need employees who can work independently to accomplish specific goals and who also participate on a team of professionals working together to support a larger common goal. We strive to align the specific work goals of individuals with those of the departments and regions, which are aligned with the overall strategies and goals of the organization. We regularly provide feedback to employees on their personal performance and are committed to rewarding employees with financial and career growth as the company is successful.


One of the ways that Rex Energy supports career development is through support of professional development activities, including seminars and conferences, as well as membership in professional associations. Whether it's a supervisory training we provide in-house, training on computer software or external professional/technical training, Rex Energy supports employees who participate in these activities to further their on-the-job performance and personal career development.


At a company the size of Rex Energy, there are always opportunities to participate in projects and activities outside of normal day-to-day duties. This allows employees to learn more about the operations of the Company and can help employees to develop additional career paths. Our goal is to hire people who, with the necessary tools, resources and support, will have boundless growth opportunities.



Your Compensation and Benefits

Our employee benefit offerings are focused on the overall health and well-being of our employees. We offer a comprehensive medical, dental and vision benefit package, with opportunities for tax savings through a Health Savings Account. Employees who are committed to leading healthy lifestyles are rewarded through our Wellness Incentive Plan, which provides cash incentives for participation in approved wellness events.


We help employees to manage for unplanned life-events through our company-paid group term life insurance, business travel accident insurance and voluntary supplemental life insurance for employees, spouses and dependents. We also provide company-paid short-term and long-term disability benefits that provide partial income replacement in the event of a non-work related accident or injury.


To assist employees with retirement savings, we offer a 401(k) Savings Plan with a company match. Employees have on-line access to retirement planning tools and educational information to help in investment decisions. We offer both a traditional and Roth savings plan so that employees can tailor their contributions to meet their retirement objectives.


Our company-provided Employee Assistance Program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with confidential support, guidance and resources to employees and their dependents. Whether it's a question on parenting and childcare, eldercare, financial needs or a legal issue, help is available from a team of trained professionals. Time off from work is an important benefit, to allow employees to rejuvenate and spend quality time doing what they love to do away from work. Rex Energy supports employees through a generous Paid Time Off benefit accrual plan and company-paid holidays. Paid Time Off is an employee's vacation, sick and personal time combined into one time-off package that provides employees with flexibility to manage absences based upon personal needs.


Important components of a total compensation package are the cash compensation pieces, which enable employees to meet their personal, family and financial goals. Rex Energy provides employees with a competitive base salary that is developed through an analysis of external competitive benchmarking and internal comparable pay ranges. Depending upon the role and level within the organization, employees are provided with additional opportunities for cash compensation through various cash bonus programs.


We also provide certain employees, based upon the specific role and level within the Company, other benefits such as mobile-device allowances, use of a company vehicle and participation in the Company's Long-Term Incentive Plan.


We continually ensure that our benefits remain competitive with leaders in our industry. This results in programs that deliver the best combination of quality, choice and value to our employees. Put together, our compensation and benefits are designed to motivate you and recognize your work.