Is It Possible To Get Free Solar Panels From The Government?

If you’ve been looking at solar panel systems to reduce monthly payments, you’ve seen advertisements for at least one firm offering free solar panels to put a solar panel on your roof at no charge. 

But keep in mind that there are always costs associated with anything, including a solar panel.

But is there any chance of getting free solar energy from the government? Here is the answer.

Free Government Solar Panels With No Installation Costs: Is It Possible?

The government does not provide no-cost solar panels. These payment arrangements are power purchase agreements or solar leases. Those free options help transfer ownership to the solar firm or installation. 

No one is qualified for free solar panels. Yet, solar leasing has made it considerably simpler for everyone with a roof to go solar.

There are various financial rewards and incentives associated with renewable energy. Thus, you only have to pay for the generated electricity. 

You may make long-term financial savings with PPAs or solar leases. Don’t forget to study the Renewable Energy Tax Credit and look into state and municipal programs.

How To Lower Cost With Local And Federal Solar Incentives

Solar Tax Credit

If you’ve been wondering whether to convert to this clean energy, a financial incentive provided by the government could be the deciding factor. The ITC, offered to all homes in the United States, is currently the best solar incentive.

With this help, you can deduct up to 30% of your solar power system purchase agreements and other related installation charges. The system must be installed and operational by December 31, 2022, to qualify for this tax credit.

However, your installer will receive this credit rather than you if you select a “no cost” solar scheme or PPA. For instance, the ITC would provide the system owner $2,600 for a $10,000 roof system. 

Yet, the installer would also get that money because they technically own the system. In essence, you would skip out on renewable energy’s significant financial advantage.

Performance Based Incentives

The performance-based incentives and Solar Renewable Energy Credits are further initiatives worth highlighting. Certain states with aggressive renewable energy targets are working to achieve solar energy production standards.

SRECs may be claimed by eligible homes with solar systems capable of producing more than one MWh of power. Furthermore, performance-based incentives are payments made for generating a specific volume of solar energy. 

If you qualify for these incentives, you can get a certain amount of free power from your solar system.

State And Local Incentives

Another benefit is a 30% discount on the cost of your solar system after you apply any state-level incentives to lower the initial cost of going solar. Despite state-by-state variations, the majority offer an incentive scheme in a tax credit. 

Many regional counties and towns also provide direct subsidies to assist with the expenses of solar panel installations and systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The 2 Main Disadvantages Of Solar Energy?

Cost and weather dependence are two main disadvantages of solar energy. Installing a solar energy system calls for a considerable expense up front. You have to pay for the installation, wiring, inverter, batteries, and, of course, solar panels. 

Although solar energy can still be collected on gloomy and wet days, the system’s productivity is lower. Sunlight is part and parcel for the panels to capture solar energy efficiently. So only several rainy or overcasting days will significantly hinder the energy grid.

Is Solar Free in NY?

No. Yet, you can get a lower price for this energy. 

Residents of the state have access to subsidies through the New York Sun program for solar systems up to 25 kW, ranging from $300 to $500 per kW. This implies saving between $1,800 and $1,200 on a 6-kW system.

Will NJ Pay For Solar Panels?


People are eligible for installation programs with free solar panels provided by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. Your house or place of business has to fit specific criteria to be qualified for NJ SUN.

Which States Get Free Solar Panels?

As mentioned above, the federal government will not give away any free solar panels. However, several incentive programs cut down the overall cost.

How Can Poor People Get Solar Panels?

Several solar energy initiatives include the SASH program in California, the DAC-SASH program, the Colorado Energy Office, and the Connecticut Green Bank

The programs, in general, are not made to give away solar panels for free. But they all either lower or do away with the up-front cost.


You can’t expect free solar panel installation from the government. These payment arrangements are solar leases, free ownership transfer, or installation options. The good news is that you can cut down on some expenses.

Check the website of local solar companies to find some financial rewards and renewable energy incentives.

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