How to Dispose of Old Gas?

how to dispose of old gas

Using and discarding gas properly is our responsibility to lead a safer and cleaner life, yet many don’t take this seriously. Getting rid of old gasoline in the wrong ways might compromise both your health conditions and the environment – not to mention the numerous follow-up consequences like fire, explosion risks, and legal issues. We … Read more

Tractor Fuel vs Reefer Fuel: Are They The Same?

tractor fuel vs reefer fuel - 1

Trucks and tractors are heavy-duty and come with complex design features, which explains their constant requirements for large amounts of fuel. Different vehicle compartments and driving purposes even demand exclusive fuel and power sources, meaning tractor and reefer fuel are most of the time not interchangeable.  So, understanding the key differences between them is critical … Read more

What Happens When Your Car Runs Out of Gas?

runs out of gas

Gasoline powers car engines to ensure smooth, safe operations for long periods. Inadequate gas level will lead to engine damage and decreased performance in a matter of time.  That said, many people fail to recognize the symptoms of gas shortage before it is too late, resulting in issues like a car that won’t start after … Read more

What Does DEF Stand For? What Does It Do?

def meaning

Diesel cars are powerful and can handle demanding tasks over long traveling distances, but their increasing emissions are quite concerning.  Therefore, professionals have introduced several additives and products to help address the issue, including the DEF liquid. Scroll to learn what it is and when it is required. What Is DEF? DEF stands for diesel … Read more

What is E15 Gas? The Pros and Cons

what is e15 gas

Gasoline cars have very high emission rates, which explains why ecological and renewable gasses like E15 have become increasingly common for people concerned about the environment.  Still, many wonder whether their low gas emission impacts engine performance and other handling characteristics. Keep reading to learn more about the E15 gas. What Is E15 Gas? E15, … Read more