How Many Gallons of Gas Does A Car Hold? The Average Tank Size

Although many cars still run on gas these days, the differences in their designs and tank sizes result in varying numbers of gallons needed. The same amount of gas that fills up one car might not be enough for another.

So, how many gallons does a car hold, and does it cost a lot to fill up? Scroll to learn more!

How Many Gallons to Fill A Car?

The number of gallons in a gas tank varies, depending on your vehicle’s make and model, with the average capacity of the fuel tank being 10 to 20 gallons. Hatchback models, subcompact crossovers, etc., can have a smaller gas tank, while trucks and SUVs come with a larger tank.

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According to Science Daily, you actually need to fill up the tank with more gallons than the tank’s capacity.

Below are some popular car models with their gas tank sizes. Note that the number can slightly differ in different model years and trim levels.

a. Toyota:

Vehicle TypeModelGallons of Gas
CarsToyota Prius11.3
Toyota Prius Prime11.4
Toyota GR Corolla13.2
Toyota Corolla13.2
Toyota Corolla Hybrid11.3
Toyota Corolla Hatchback13.2
Toyota Camry13.2
Toyota Camry Hybrid13.2
Toyota GR8613.2
Toyota GR Supra13.7
Toyota Crown14.5
SUVs/CrossoversToyota Corolla Cross12.4
Toyota C-HR13.2
Toyota Venza14.5
Toyota RAV414.5
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid14.5
Toyota RAV4 Prime14.5
Toyota Highlander17.1
Toyota Highlander Hybrid17.1
Toyota Sequoia22.5
Toyota 4Runner23
MinivanToyota Sienna18
TrucksToyota Tacoma21.1
Toyota Tundra22.5 or 32.2

b. Buick and GMC:

Vehicle TypeModelGallons of Gas
Buick SUVsBuick Acadia22
Buick Enclave19.4
Buick Encore14
Buick Encore GX14
Buick Envision15.9
GMC SUVsGMC Terrain15.6
GMC Yukon24
GMC Yukon XL31
GMC TrucksGMC Canyon21
GMC Sierra 150024
GMC Sierra HD36

c. Chevy:

Vehicle TypeModelGallons of Gas
SUVs and CrossoversChevy Trax14
Chevy Trailblazer13.2
Chevy Equinox14.9
Chevy Blazer19.4
Chevy Traverse19.4
Chevy Tahoe24
Chevy Suburban28
Chevy CarsChevy Spark9
Chevy Malibu15.8
Chevy TrucksChevy Colorado21
Chevy Silverado LTD24
Chevy Silverado24
Chevy Silverado 2500 HD36
Chevy Silverado 3500 HD36
Performance CarsChevy Camaro19
Chevy Corvette Stingray18.5

How Much Does A Full Tank of Gas Cost?

The cost depends on your tank size. According to Gas Prices, as of 20/10/2023, each gallon of regular gas costs you $3.558, while mid-grade or premium types are even more expensive at $4.032 and $4.369, respectively. You can calculate the total price by multiplying the number of gallons by the average price.

Type of gasoline aside, the following factors also influence how much money you must spend to fill up your car:

  • Price fluctuations. Do not expect the price per gallon to remain the same day after day; it fluctuates daily based on the ever-changing market conditions. Some days, you might have to spend more money on gasoline than usual despite filling the same car tank and using the same gas type.
  • Your locations. Different states and regions in the same country do not share the same gas price. 
  • The gas tank size. As discussed above, cars do not always have similar gasoline tank sizes, even when they come from the same brand. 
  • The gas station. Gas stations update their prices based on numerous factors, such as the surrounding competitors, local demands, and operating costs. We suggest doing proper research and comparing gas stations in your neighborhood until you find the most cost-saving option. 

You can also calculate the fuel cost required for a road trip by following these simple steps:

  • Determine the current gas price, your car’s MPG (miles per gallon), and how long you will drive (measured in miles)
  • Divide the travel distance by the car’s MPG to determine the amount of gas required (measured in gallons). 
  • Multiply the gallons by the gas price.

Let’s look at an example: suppose you will drive 200 miles in a 2022 Hyundai Tucson, which reaches about 33 MPG when traveling on highways. The current gas price is $3.558.

  • Divide the total distance (200 miles) by Tucson’s MG (33 miles). You will need about 6 gallons for the trip.
  • Multiply 6 by the current gas price ($3.558). That means you must pay about $21.35 to complete the trip. 

How to Save Money on Gas

Adopt these simple but powerful tips to avoid overspending on gasoline:

  • Do not always use premium gas. Check the owner’s manual to confirm whether your car requires higher-grade gasoline. If not, just stick to regular gas to save money.
  • Use a mobile app. You can download a gas price application to your phone to search by filters, compare prices, and choose the most affordable options.
  • Sign up for a credit card’s rewards program. Some credit cards offer gas rewards and other benefits, although you should beware of their redemption values, reward caps, annual fees, etc.
  • Avoid idling. Do you usually idle longer than ten seconds at a time? Turn the engine off in that case to save fuel.


On average, the fuel tank capacity is not the same on different car models. 

Consider your car’s tank and engine size to determine how much money you must spend filling the car. So, do your research, compare the price ranges of different stations and gas types, and follow some of our extra tips to save more money.

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